What's This All About?

Have you ever thought to yourself "Gee, wouldn't it be nice if there were an easy way to have someone pick up my mail or water my lawn and flowers while I'm on vacation?"

"Boy, my back is killing me. I wish I could get just a little help in moving that heavy table in the back yard around to the side. I hate to bother the neighbors and have no nearby relatives whom I can call on."

"I've been wanting to get that garage door painted but I hate to call in a big contractor for such a small job."

"How will I ever get those mums into the ground before it freezes, while my arm is in a sling?"

"I sure would like to get all that old lumber down out of the attic but I am just too tired to tackle the job".

But I believe you get the idea.

(This site is non-denominational)

Click the name to go directly to your church or other charity.


Please show this to any young people in your family with the hope that they will put down their Gameboys or similar games and do an altruistic good deed. Especially your Boy and Girl Scouts. No dangerous tools are to be used except, perhaps, by the tool's owner. Some jobs may require you to bring your own tools. Other jobs may entail some small service only.

The fee to your church for inclusion in this service is $50 annually regardless of the number of line entries. It will be renewed at that same price/year for at least 5 years. If you want to evaluate this site you may try it free for three months.

In the interest of full disclosure the webmaster is a member of Southminster Presbyterian Church in Richmond, VA. The site will remain free to that church. Here is what the pastor had to say about the creator of this site:

"The Webmaster is a person well known to me and who has been in this church for nearly as long as I have, which is 25 years plus. He is creative, conscientious, and financially responsible. He created our church's first website and, when he realized that his age was keeping him from giving that site his all, he voluntarily turned it over to a smart young lady who has her own website business. He believes this site will be much less taxing."

Rev. Richard H. (Dick) Lindsey, Pastor, Southminster Presbyterian Church, Richmond. VA.

Some folks hold off having needed work done because of the cost but here you set your own fee (which could be merely a glass of lemonade). Feel free to ask for a volunteer if that suits your circumstances.

1. If a person wants to keep the fee for some reason such as paying a bill, saving for college, teenager buying a guitar, etc. that would be o.k.; however, in many cases the recipient may prefer to donate this amount to a favorite charity, hopefully his/her own church or synagogue.

2. If that is done everyone gains: The homeowner gets the job done at a low cost, the charity gains income, the recipient of the money gains a tax deduction, and gets the satisfaction of a job well done (plus making some money for the charity).

3. Most of us would rather pay a small sum than impose on someone's free time for nothing. This allows us to retain our dignity without putting someone "on the spot".

It is assumed that many who could use this help will not have access to a computer so it behooves those of you who do to email or telephone (804-276-1938) the necessary info for any such friends (with their permission). You do not have to use a computer to be listed here; a phone call or note will suffice. You can always ask a librarian or friend to let you view it on his/her computer.


You may or may not get an early reply to your listing. Also, be aware that the work will many times be done by a do-it-youself type. There is no guarantee that the work will always please you and, in the end, you may have to hire a contractor. We are trying to save you money on those picayune jobs that are beyond your present ability but are small in nature. If you need a new deck or a new garage note that such a job is beyond the scope of what we are trying to do.

Other rules are few and simple:

1. When the job is done please let us know so we may remove your item.
2. Organizations should prepay the annual $50 fee as we do not list your church prior to payment (except for the offer of three months trial for free).
3. Send check or Money Order made out to: Just a Helping Hand PO Box 74512 Richmond VA 23236.
(Receipts furnished.)
4. Your entry will show a start-up date coinciding with when your check is received and entry made.
5. Individual items will be deleted after three months but will be re-entered at your request.

And the big bonus? We get to know each other better!

People not members of the organization should not participate,
neither as workers nor as homeowners.

(Initial Sample Listings Below. Tasks in red are actual; in green just theoretical)

Please check to make sure callers are members of your church or other organization.

You should use a code name or number in lieu of a phone number. This would entail giving each individual who
submits an item an ID number from a central directory or list kept by someone in the office (or a volunteer).
He/she only would give out the phone number of the person submitting the task if the caller is on the rolls.


(Southminster members only: Phone Web Manager 276-1938 to get the phone number of the person looking for help.)

Art 23236 C72Repair 10ft.section of gutter. 11/4/07. 3 hrsMtls/tools Furnished$15
Art23235 C72 Move and spread small pile of gravel on driveway. 12/7/07 (Done 12/15/07. Thanks, Steve and Rich of Eternity Church, Richmond.) 2 hrsFurnishedvolunteer?
Art 23236 C72Need help in removing/replacing through-the-wall A/C. 3/31/08 Done 4/28/08. Thanks Jim, Jim, and Brown. 2 hrsFurnished.$30
Marcia 23236 C10Need someone to scrape, sand, and paint two roof vents. Job involves sitting on slopng roof (and using advice from neighbor
who is ex-painter but physically not able to help) 4/27/08.

Work has been done by outside party. 5/22/08
4 hrsWill furnish or pay cost of materials. $ Equivalent to a painter's normal charge.
Sally 23236 A48Need ride to and from hairdresser every other Tuesday mid AM. 11/09/07 1 hrN.A..$5/trip


? 23338 #2 Spread 3 bags of mulch on garden. 9/17/07. 1 hrFurnished$10
? 23235 #37Use weedeater on small patch of ivy.. 9/18/07 1 hrMtls. furnished.$5
? 23236 #67Repair roof of small doghouse. 10/8/07 2 hrFurnished.$10
? 23236 #387Mow small lawn, trim. 10/8/07 1 hrBring own weedeater, lawnmower supplied.$5
? 23236 #119Remove ivy at base of about ten trees.10/10/07 2 hrTools supplied.$5


Please bring comments, suggestions, and corrections to your web manager's attention by clicking here.

Use this email address justahelpinghand@comcast.net or phone 804-276-1938
to submit your requests using the headings in the table above

(Or FAX data to 515 583 4487 - We receive only, so include your email address)

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